Scenes from Pakistan With My iPhone

I always preach that when you really need to take photos you should lose your camera phone and use a dedicated camera. The reason being, your phone is filled with distractions and in order to truly focus on making great images you need to be zeroed in on your surroundings. 

Well, this is an exception to the rule as I was traveling very light while doing a photowalk sponsored by Canon Pakistan throughout Lahore. 

This was my first time to Pakistan and I have to admit I fell in love in only 4 days there. This happened to be years ago when I first came to Vietnam(10 years later I'm still in love with you Vietnam). I long to return to Pakistan and I'm already plotting my return trip. 

During my photowalk I had little time to take photos as I was teaching.  Here are few of my favorite camera phone shots taken mostly visually stunning market in Lahore and toned with VSCO filters.