Audubon Society | Central Vietnam

I had the pleasure of working with the Audubon Society shooting a fascinating story about the history of the most likely extinct Edwards Phaesant in Vietnam. We traveled throughout the remote mountainous regions of central Vietnam in search of the of pheasant. We explored the   the ruins left over from the French colonial era and photographed a variety of locations where witnesses had seen the pheasant years ago. We hiked through jungles filled with leeches led by our bird expert as he taught us about the history of the national parks and with laser like precision spotted and showed us all the unique bird species in the region. 

With no success in finding the pheasant in the wild we ventured to the Hanoi zoo where we photographed a few newborn phaesants that will soon be introduced back into the wild as part of large project. The biggest challenge of this shoot was getting the zoo born pheasant chicks and the adult to stand still and to place them behind a black backdrop. After some pheasant pee on my camera while trying to get a clean shot, I was finally able to get something clean, no pun intended. 

You can read the full story by renowned writer George Black on the Audubon Society's website here. 

Here is a gallery of my favorite images from the story.



Client | Audubon Society

Location | Throughout Central Vietnam 

Shooting Days | 5

Equipment | Canon 1DX Mark 2, Canon L-Series lenses 35mm 1.4, 50mm 1.2, 24mm 1.4. Profoto B2 lighting for the pheasant portrait at the zoo.