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Kindred Guardians

Kindred Guardians is an ongoing personal project documenting people around the world who dedicate their lives to helping animals in need. Each chapter explores a new issue and a new bond between humans and animals.

If you have an amazing story that you feel I should tell or if you are interested in publishing any of these stories please please email me at justin@justinmott.com

Chapter 2 | Soi Dog Foundation | Thailand

Located in a small village near the airport surrounded by a rubber tree plantation in the bustling tourist town of Phuket, Thailand you can find the Soi Dog Foundation, a non-profit sanctuary for street dogs. 

 The foundation was founded in 2003 by British couple John and Gill Dalley. Gill passed away in 2017 from cancer but her spirit is still present at the foundation. A large statue of her sits next to their veterinarian hospital.  As of 2019 John remains fully involved in Soi Dog Foundation, honoring his commitment to Gill and the street dogs. 

 Their mission statement reads “To improve the welfare of dogs and cats in Asia, resulting in better lives for both the animal and human communities, to create a society without homeless animals, and to ultimately end animal cruelty.”

 Their work extends beyond Phuket to Bangkok and other provinces in Thailand. Every year, Soi Dog spays/neuters and vaccinates tens of thousands of street dogs and cats in Thailand.  They are also fighting the Asian dog meat trade and they have almost completely wiped it out in Thailand. They continue to campaign for an end to the trade in South Korea, Vietnam, and other south-east Asian countries where it is prevalent. 

On your average day, you can find tourists lined up to volunteer at the center to walk the dogs and give them much needed affection and exercise. The heartbeat and driving force of the foundation is the full-time staff, many of whom started off as volunteers and never left. 

Daily, the foundation is home to around 800 dogs and 200 cats, many suffering with horrible injuries ranging from from being hit by cars, animal cruelty by humans, skin diseases, and much more.  The staff has a full-time veterinarian team, physiotherapists, caretakers, and even dog behaviorists helping to rehabilitate traumatized dogs so they can be adopted.  

 The staff provides life-saving surgery, through physiotherapy helps dogs walk again or for the first time ever, and provides human affection and loving care for them.  This is the story of these incredible people who dedicates their daily lives to helping these animals.  


 If you would like to learn more or support the Soi Dog Foundation please visit.