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Personal Project Kit | As Above So Below

Have you ever wondered what a gear a photographer uses for his/her personal projects?  Well, I know that's exactly what you were wondering when you woke up today. Being the nice gentlemen that I am, I decided to lay it all out and share with you my "What's In My Camera" bag Personal Project Edition.

A little background about my ongoing personal project. The project is titled "As Above So Below" and my focus is to capture the beauty of Vietnam's landscapes, culture, and people. 

For this project, we are traveling to remote locations throughout Vietnam, each province is a new chapter of the project. The key to this kit is for me to travel simple and light. Not pictured in this series is our DJI Phantom 4 Pro,  but that is taken in a separate bag. 


1.) Hasselblad X1D with 30mm, 45mm, and 90mm XCD lenses. 

I bought this camera specifically for this project. I really want to print the final images and I want to print them huge so this was an easy yet expensive choice. Luckily this camera is so amazing that I also use it in my commercial work so it's paying for itself.

2.) The Wotancraft Trooper Series (Medium Size In Ash Green Pictured Here)

I've owned a variety of Wotancraft bags for over 5 years and this new release is easily my favorite. It's perfect for this kit and I feel it matches the beauty of the Hasselblad, which is no easy feat.  I wouldn't use a bag based on aesthetic alone, it's built with their signature rugged waxed canvas and premium leather, it's extremely comfortable, and it has some cool features. The bag comes with 2 hidden pockets (trust me they come in handy for hiding your valuables) and it has a very cool modular system (see item 4) for accessories (sold separately). 

I use this bag both as my camera bag for the project but also as an everyday bag on flights or just going to the coffee shop to write articles or edit. In fact, I can prove it, the bag is resting across me as I type this.

I personally know the owners and I've been to their cool store in Taipei, super nice guys dedicated to premium craftsmanship and they ship worldwide. 

3.)iPad Pro 10.5

I purchased this only a few weeks ago and I love it so far.  I've owned many iPads through the years but I never thought of it as a serious work machine. The iPad Pro is different, it's a powerful and lightweight machine and with the introduction of Mobile and the Apple Pen, I can now edit on the road. I love that I can edit in the car going from location to location and I can check my files closely and adjust right here on location. 

4.) Bang & Olufsen Earphones

Great quality and music and podcasts are so necessary while I travel. Picture here on top of a modular Wotancraft leather case.

5.) Moleskine Notebook

I've been a loyal user for over a decade, they come in handy for captions and when you want to be old school and write something down.

6.) Kindle Oasis

Sure, you can read on the iPad but I prefer reading on this device and I love having a variety books all in one lightweight device. 

7.)  Fenix Portable Flashlight

We stay at a lot of remote hotels so power outages aren't uncommon and it can also come in handy for lighting up your subjects.

8.) Aesop Deodorant

Smells awesome for times when I don't.