As Above So Below | Chapter 3 | Sapa

Sapa has erupted into a tourism destination over the past decade and the development and influx of tourists doesn’t seem to stop. A lovely overnight train ride from Hanoi to Lao Cai and we arrive at sunrise, although no sun rising could be seen. The rain and mist shadowed us the entire trip but instead of hiding in my hotel room, I decide to make the best of it and use it to my advantage.

On the last day of the trip it was a must to visit Fansipan Mountain, the highest point in Vietnam and all of Indochina. The rain pounded the mountainside all day so we waited indoors for 7 hours for it to let up. The rain didn’t stop so I decided to just cover up my entire body and gear in plastic bags and make a go at it.

We reached the highest point of Vietnam that day but it was the lowest point of the trip as visibility was zero. I shot from the cable car and capture what I could, but I might have to make a trip back there before the project is finished. Overall I’m happy with this trip because it made me think outside my comfort zone and it forced me redefine my definition of beauty.